Why I’m Stopping My Monthly Book Reviews

Why I’m Stopping My Monthly Book Reviews

Hello friends!

If you follow me over on Instagram, you know that I could not get into my designated book for September. I was supposed to read, CENSUS by Jesse Ball. However, I really couldn’t get into the book. The author’s writing style turned me off & I found the story a bit boring. Weeks passed without me picking up CENSUS & before I knew it, October was here.

It was at this point I reflected on why I began The Chic Word & why I wanted to read a book a month. I wanted to read more—as simple as that. In December, when I began my blog I wanted to set a goal for myself to read a book a month. It was something that I had not done in years & felt like I would be able to accomplish it, but also would have to rearrange my life in different ways to make more time for reading.

I had the idea to choose my books for each season. I liked the order this provided & helped make sure that I wouldn’t let a new month begin without having a book planned. From December to March, I really had no problems. I thoroughly enjoyed each book I set out to read, wrote up my book review, & felt very accomplished. It wasn’t until April that I read my first book that I honestly didn’t really like, Welcome to the Desert of the Real. There were many times I wanted stop reading it, but I pushed on because I had said I was going to read this book & felt like I would be a failure if I didn’t. So, I read the book, wrote my review, etc. etc.

May, June, July, August… I read some wonderful novels. Now we approach September. As mentioned before, I couldn’t stand CENSUS. I felt guilty. During that month, as well, I had bought a couple bestsellers from Barnes & Noble, won a book in a giveaway, & picked up a few used books as well. They were sitting on my shelf & I desperately wanted to read them, but stopped myself because I hadn’t finished CENSUS yet.

It was in this moment that I finally realized I wasn’t achieving my goals. My goal was to READ MORE, yet here I was not reading at all for a full month because of some silly restrictions I set for myself. Initially perhaps, I needed these guidelines & the structure that I had laid for myself. But now, almost a year in I have reignited my love of reading, fallen into a pattern of picking up a book again over looking at my cell phone or watching TV—now I have developed the habit. So, it seems that I don’t need to be told to read, I simply do it. Which was my goal this whole time.

Once this all became clear to me, (which I know it seems obvious if you are reading this, but for me it took a bit longer) I threw aside CENSUS & picked up a book that I had been wanting to read. I read it, in a week. Then I picked up another book. I read this one too, in a week. I picked up two additional books, & now here we are in the last week of October & I have read not one, not two, not three, but four books for this month.

Needless to say, I won’t be putting anymore restrictions on myself for reading. I won’t be writing monthly book reviews anymore; I’ll just be writing book reviews. If that happens to be four a month, then so be it. If it only happens to be once a month, then that’s fine too.

Cheers & stay chic!