Two Dresses: From Day to Night

Two Dresses: From Day to Night

I recently went to Target & picked waaaaay more spring items than I need (oops!) but three specific pieces really stuck out to me. Last week I took my new clothes for a spin & decided to write a little post about styling one of my favorite looks– dresses with blazers.

Item #1: Women’s Sleeveless Belted Mock Neck Midi Dress – Who What Wear (Blue & White Pinstripe)

Item #2: Women’s Ruffle Sleeve Midi Dress – Who What Wear (Yellow Floral)

Item #3: Women’s Bi-Stretch Twill Blazer – A New Day (Federal Blue)

I am huge believer in dresses! They are the easiest thing to wear because you literally just need shoes & you are done. Often times people think I look so put together whenever I am wearing a dress & honestly most of the time those are the mornings I woke up late, didn’t know what to wear, etc… but with a dress on you just look stylish & like you are ready to conquer the day.

Besides being so easy, they also tend to be super comfortable. At least the ones I go shopping for. I tend to choose dresses that are fitted, but not tight. I also like a nice midi length that has a bit of a fit & flare vibe. This style flatters my figure quite well, while also allowing me some room if I’ve eaten a big lunch or am dealing with some bloating issues.

Lastly, they are super cute & versatile! You can always style a dress in a casual way, business appropriately, or for a cute date night look. Because of this I keep finding myself going back to buying dresses.

Since I wear dresses all the time one of my favorite styles for chiller days/work is to throw on a blazer! I am also OBSSESSED with blazers, but I will talk more about that another time…

Look #1:

The flirty floral midi dress with the navy blazer & nude pumps

I wore this look to the office near the beginning of the week & felt so adorable, yet also more business appropriate with the blazer & classic heels. The weather was absolutely delightful & although it was a bit chilly in the morning, by lunch time the sun was high in the sky & it felt amazing out. I love this dress matched with the navy blazer because I feel they really compliment each other. I am one who usually steers clear of yellow, however something about this dress & pattern really drew me in & I am so glad I went with this print over some of the other options. The flowers have a tiny bit of blue in some of them, so it matched nicely but not over the top with the blazer. Of course I went with nude heels because they go with everything!

Look #2:

The flirty floral midi dress with the blue bag & strappy heeled sandals

Talk about taking your look from day to night! By simply changing my heels & tossing my blazer this dress now works perfectly for a spring or summer date night. I love all the feminine details of the midi dress & these killer heels (most certainly not work appropriate) definitely add a super cute element which is great for a night out.

Look #3:

The pinstriped dress with the navy blazer & nude sandals

Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE French style. It is so effortless, so chic, & so perfect. When I saw this pinstriped dress something about it just screamed French! Perhaps it was the pinstripe pattern, which to me, stripes always feel very French or maybe it was just the simple nature of this dress. Either way, I’m designating it as French & we are going with it. In addition, when I added this navy blazer the outfit somehow felt even more French to me. Again, I don’t know how & I don’t know why but it adds another element. I will say, the high neckline with the blazer at first I wasn’t sure about. It almost seemed like too much was happening, but soon after I decided I loved how unique it looked and really enjoyed this look for the office.

Look #4:

The pinstriped dress & nude sandals

Leaving the blazer behind, this dress shines on its own. I love how simple it is, yet the unique neckline really does add a little something-something. I love this look for spring & summer afternoons spent sitting on a patio somewhere drinking fresh lemonade, or a fun date night out to a romantic restaurant. Something about this look is so effortless, yet still looks very polished & feminine.

Alright– there you have it! I absolutely adore the Who What Wear collection from Target & definitely feel like they have something for everyone & at a reasonable price. I showed a few ways you can take your daily office wear look to a fun night out with your partner or friends.

What do you think of these looks? As always, let me know in the comments below.
Cheers & stay chic!