Thrifted Find

Thrifted Find

This past weekend I was itching to go shopping, however with the holidays around the corner I really didn’t have too much spare change to spend on some cute new styles. I decided to hit the thrift stores and search for some good finds.

Years ago, when I was in high school nearly all the clothes I wore came from the thrift store. I was a thrift store junky! There was so much to choose from, so many unique styles, and everything was at the perfect price (especially for a 16-year old). However, after turning 21 I took a break from thrift store shopping and really haven’t been back until this past Saturday.

Boy oh boy was I in for a treat! Everything in the store was an additional 50% off (yay!) and they had so much to choose from it was insane!

I ended up leaving the store with two blazers, a pea coat, two turtlenecks, a short sleeve shirt, a scarf, and a skirt (featured here) all for under $50.00!

I would definitely call that a win in my book.

The skirt I got is made of a semi-suede material and is a beautiful burnt orange color. It is a wrap skirt, making it totally adjustable and also was great, since sometimes finding your size at a thrift store can be difficult.

I fell in love with the skirt immediately and think it’ll make a perfect additional to both my fall and winter wardrobe.

Today at the office I matched it with my black button down blouse from Express and my black kitten heels. Overall I think it was a great find and I am excited to re-explore the amazing and interesting world of thrifting!

Cheers & stay chic!