The Velvet Blazer

The Velvet Blazer

I wanted to talk a little bit about an amazing new blazer I got a couple of weeks ago that I am totally & completely in love with. I have been digging blazers a lot lately. They have always held a special place in my closet, however over the last 6 months it seems I’ve deepened my relationship with them even further. I think the past few months alone I’ve picked up 4 new blazers! While I tend to get a lot thrifted (as blazers are one of those items that seems to have a whole thrift store section devoted to them) In addition, blazers tend to hold well over time and a lot of the style seem to be pretty classic, so you can find some really great used stuff. But, that’s a whole different blog post! I do sometimes buy brand new blazers & that is what I want to talk about today!

I had my eye on this one particular blazer for months! I’ve been trying not to spend every single paycheck on clothes, so I kept putting off buying this bad boy, but man oh man I am so glad I did! I got it from Chicwish for under $70.

I have worn it a few times, but want to note two specific looks I wore this amazing blazer with:

Romantic vibes…

This was my outfit for Valentine’s Day. Of course I had to wear this burgundy velvet blazer! It is the perfect color, and it kept me warm during the chilly Hallmark holiday. I wanted to have a romantic look, but also something that would work well for the office and still be unique. I think I nailed it! The floral ruffle dress definitely adds that romantic element, and a touch of sexiness with the sheer aspects and lace up kitten heels. The blazer makes it work appropriate while also giving it that unique touch I was looking for.

More artsy look…

I wore this over the weekend a few weeks ago. This blazer with thick rimmed glasses and a patterned scarf definitely add an artsy touch to this blazer. I always want to do monochrome type stuff, however really struggle with putting that look together. The blazer & the scarf do add that element, which I like. I feel like this outfit could work for the office, a date night out, or whatever. It is definitely quite versatile! And as many of you know, I’m all about some versatility in my clothing.

I can’t wait to style this blazer with even more of my clothing. I know that an all black look paired with this blazer is 100% happening! In addition, I do want to down play it with some boyfriend jeans and maybe a tshirt of some sort… still need to work out those details.

Shopping time!

If you want to shop this EXACT blazer it can be found here!

Chicwish also offers it in a gorgeous dark green!

Here are a couple similar burgundy velvet blazers I found online:




Calvin Klein

Tommy Hilfiger

What do y’all think of this velvet blazer? Is it something that you would wear? Please let me know in the comments below.

Cheers & stay chic!