The Trend of the Season: Culottes

The Trend of the Season: Culottes

When this trend first hit the scene, I was not into it. But then, like the good fashionista I am, I tried a pair on. It was there, in the Target fitting room that I fell in love with culottes.

Culottes are pants that are wide legged and cropped, usually hitting below the knee or above the ankle. They are very similar to gauchos (some say they are the same pant), regardless they are in still and look like they are here to stay. I think they are very chic!

What I love most about culottes is that they are quite versatile. I feel they can really be dressed up or down, work well in an office setting (depending on the type of office you work at), & could be dressed up for a night out look. In addition, they can definitely be worn in a variety of seasons– even winter if you had boots on. Y’all know I’m all about a versatile piece of clothing, so once I decided culottes where for me– I’ve been in love.

I only own this one pair of culottes, but I have been getting some good use out of them. I would love a tan/beige pair & a black pair, however for the time being I only have these white ones.

I want to start by saying that I ADORE the color white. I think it is so sharp, so chic, so classy—however, I can barely wear get a full day’s wear out of anything that is white before I spill something on myself. Because of this I tend to avoid the color entirely, which honestly breaks my heart but also I can’t afford to always be replacing horribly stained items. I do own a few white pieces, one of which happens to be a pair of white ulottes. Needless to say, I am in love with them.

Below you can see some outfits & how I’ve styled them mainly for the office, but a few of these styles could be worn for the weekend.

Now, onto some dreamy looks that I wish were my own! I absolutely adore searching through Pinterest for style inspiration. There is just so much on the website to pull from! Lately I’ve been really digging neutral looks, in addition to anything that feels FALL. Below you can browse through some ideas to help get this trend working for you.

Lastly, I’ve linked a couple pairs of culottes that are on my wishlist– feel free to shop!

Threads 4 Thought Front Wrap Culotte
J.O.A. Plaid Belted Wide-Leg Pant
ASOS Self Buckle Longer Length Culotte
Nude Pleat Front Culotte Pants
Pleated Waist Wide Leg Culottes
ASOS DESIGN Tailored Check Culottes

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Cheers & stay chic!
-Taylor B.