The Monochrome Trend

The Monochrome Trend

Monochrome is in. It has been for awhile. It is a trend that I feel like you either LOVE or you HATE. Well for me, I LOVE it!

The problem is… besides black I don’t really own many pieces of the same color. Does anyone else have this problem? I tend to buy a pop of color, but usually it is set aside for a dress or shirt. Never a whole look… It is not that I don’t like how that looks, because I absolutely do. But rather that I find to gravitate towards the same items & like to buy very versatile pieces.

Monochrome styling is pretty straight forward. It basically is about wearing the same color/shades of a specific color.

“In fashion terms, monochromatic dressing means wearing separates of one color that have different textures and/or similar shades of that color for an overall tonal look.”

Shape Magazine

People often will combine different textures to break up the look, or wear a variety of shades of one color to help distinguish the pieces. However, wearing the exact same shade of a color from head to toe has become really popular too. This look is a bit more difficult to accomplish though, since there are so many varying shades of “bright red” or “navy blue”.

Luckily, since monochrome dress has been trending for a while now many companies are catching on & offering a lot of various pieces in the same shade.

For example, where before you might have a blouse that came in a cobalt blue, a lime green and an burnt orange… pants being offered may only come in more traditional colors like tan, black, navy, & white. However, I have noticed that stores are beginning to also offer pants in maybe that same cobalt blue color & burnt orange. That way shoppers can create that distinctive monochrome look.

I have loved this trend from afar. To my it looks so put together. It looks very high fashion. Whenever I see someone wearing a monochrome outfit I always get the sense that they are very stylish. However, I haven’t really gone after this trend that much. I think part of me was rather intimidated by dressing in one color from head to toe. Again, I do this with black all the time, but black feels different than say pink or green.

I think part of the problem is that whenever I go shopping I’m either looking to update my basics or I’m hopping to add a pop of color, a fun print, something unique to my wardrobe. Because of this I tend to not collect many various items in several colors. For example I have a read peacoat, a red shift dress, & a red blouse but I don’t own anything red in terms of bottoms (shorts, skirts, pants, etc). The same came be said for green– a color that I absolutely adore, but I think I only own one green sweater & blouse. I tend to buy neutral bottoms and then add a fun top. With all that being said my closet is lacking in terms of monochrome fashion.

Several months back I got a really cut pinstriped navy skirt from SheIn that I absolutely adored! A few months back I got a navy suit (finally). After buying the suit I ended up getting some navy kitten heels to match. A couple weeks ago I found this really cute eyelet tank top at Target on clearance in navy. Needless to say I have conjured up the perfect navy monochrome look for the office.

-Kitten heels
-Midi skirt
-Eyelet tank

When I put together this look I was so, so excited & absolutely adored how I looked all day. I felt so stylish, so professional, & immediately wanted to go shopping to buy more head to toe looks!

I definitely want to experiment with the beiges/browns because I think that could easily be accomplished. I would also really love a head to toe red look, because I am a huge fan of red & feel that it would be very impactful.

How do you feel about the monochrome trend? Let me know in the comments!

Cheers & stay chic!