Suit Up

Suit Up

Ladies, it is time to suit up! If anyone here is familiar with the TV show How I Met Your Mother you will get my reference.

I strongly believe that every woman, no matter what your age, no matter what your work life is like should own at least one good suit. Having a suit is empowering, especially for a woman. At least, that has been my experience. When I am wearing a suit I feel confident, in control, & ready to tackle any task in front of me.

Women always have the burden of being judged harshly by what we wear & how we look. Unfortunately that is the reality the society we are living in. I hope that one day women will no longer be heavily valued based on their appearance, but that time just isn’t here yet. The office I work in is more business casual, but I still find myself dressing to impress on a daily basis. When I have dressed more professionally people in the office take me & my ideas more seriously, don’t take advantage of me, & generally view me in a more positive light. While I do believe that what we look like shouldn’t impact work performance, my experience has proved slightly different.

Here’s a little history regarding women & suits:

French designer Marcel Rochas is credited with originating the idea of pairing pants with women’s suits in 1932.
in the 1960’s suits for women were becoming more popular with Yves Saint Laurent introducing the first tuxedo suit designed for women in 1966. During the 1970’s a woman wearing a suit meant she meant business, and by the 1980’s power suits for women were a hit, thanks to Giorgio Armani. By the 1990’s suits were on the way out and since then people haven’t talked about them too much until recently. Source: Bustle

It is my impression that women no longer “needed” a suit to be taken seriously in the workforce or to be seen as a woman of business. Over the past decade women working outside of the home has become the norm. Women are no longer limited to only occupations of secretary, nurse, or teacher. We have a lot more opportunity in front of us & are able to achieve a lot more than the women before us. This isn’t to say that things are not difficult & limitations are not there– because they are. But generally, women have a lot more resources and opportunities available than before.

Business suits, turned into dress pants & a blouse, turned into a nice skirt, turned into jeans & a blazer… (obviously this all depends on where you work & what your occupation is) But my point being is that women have a lot of other options when it comes to dressing professionally for the office & the suit kind of just disappeared & didn’t really have a place.

I think over the last couple of years the suit has slowly started to come back, for a variety of reasons. We have seen several times on the red carpet, movie starts & celebrities wearing suits instead of ballgowns at big events and when that has happened it has made the news.

Here are links to a couple articles mentioning women in suits:

It seems to me that suits are making a comeback in a powerful way, yet again. While a woman doesn’t need to wear a suit to be taken seriously in the workplace…

Giorgio Armani stated to Yahoo! Style: “[Women] have edged out their standing in the world. Today, they don’t have to wear a suit jacket to prove their authority.”

…wearing one now seems to solidify her place even more. Kind of like, “I know that I don’t have to wear this, which is why I am wearing it.”

Maybe I’m entirely off, who knows. However, my point is that for me, wearing a suit is empowering & has made an impact in my life. I’ve always loved menswear, but felt intimidated by the suit. Now, I embrace it. I love how many fits & patterns there are out their for women, making them even more personalized, fashionable, & appealing. Also, since suits are becoming a little more mainstream for the ladies again, there are a lot more affordable styles. Before it seemed like you had to spend at least $100+ for a suit, however a lot of companies have taken note & offered good prices. The navy suit I’m wearing here is from Target (of course) & I was able to get the pants & jacket for under $35 each.

So my advice ladies is to get yourself a good suit & rock it like the boss you are.

Cheers & stay chic!