Style Inspiration: Diane Keaton

Style Inspiration: Diane Keaton

Those who know me know that my style is ever-changing and all over the place.

On Monday I’ll be channeling french actresses from the 60’s, by Wednesday I’m in head to toe denim, and come Friday I’m wearing kitten heels, a blazer, and a fancy dress. I’ve always enjoyed mixing and matching different styles and not being afraid to try something new. If there is one thing about my closet, it is definitely not cohesive. However, like most things in life, nothing is. I love my style! I love the fact that I’m not missing anything, unless I want too. I also love the freedom that each day brings when I go to get dressed. I can be anything I want. With that being said, I definitely have a few style icons who inspire me regularly.

One of which is Diane Keaton.

Diane Keaton has been and always will be one of my favorite actors. Growing up I had seen several of her movies and enjoyed her. However, after seeing Annie Hall when I was a freshman in high school, I was hooked. I was enamored by Diane Keaton’s style. I wanted to steal my dad’s neckties, hit the thrift stores for blazers, and buy some loafers as soon as possible. She made suits look cool. She made dressing “like a boy” glamorous. She made me question what women were supposed to wear.

She opened my eyes to a whole new world of style and I have never gone back. I am forever in love with blazers, turtlenecks, androgynous clothing, and mixing prints. I owe so much to Diane Keaton. Nowadays women wearing suits, hats, ties, etc. doesn’t seem so strange. It’s become more mainstream, and I believe a great deal of that is owed to Diane Keaton. With that being said, whenever I see a woman rocking one of Diane Keaton’s signature looks I can’t help but smile and know that she had a little something to do with it.

I believe that her style has inspired many women to be bold, to test the limits, to feel beautiful in their skin and in their own style, without the constraints of what society tells them a woman should wear/look like/act like, etc. One of my personal favorite looks is to match a blazer with a dress, and I’ve always thought of Diane Keaton whenever I do it. I like taking the femininity of the dress and piecing it together with the more masculine blazer.

One of my style goals for 2018 is to buy more tweed, plaid, and herringbone items. I am hoping to add more blazers, trousers, and hats to my wardrobe as well, along with the no-nonsense attitude that accompanies Diane Keaton’s style.

Today’s outfit was inspired by Diane Keaton. I’m wearing lace up booties, high waisted jeans, a black and white polka dot tie shirt, and a tweed blue blazer, along with a black hat to top off the whole look.

What do you think of my outfit today? Did I channel Diane Keaton? Also, what do you think of Diane Keaton’s style in general? Let me know in the comments below!

Cheers & stay chic!