Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Today is the first official day of spring… with all that being said the past couple of weeks have really brought warmer days, afternoon breezes, a few showers, and an overall sense of freshness!

I don’t know about y’all but I have been dying for spring to roll around. While I do enjoy winter, this year it seemed a little lacking. There wasn’t that much snow in Denver, leaving me disappointed and overall unenthused about cold temperatures without any pretty snow. In addition, there were also a handful of really warm days for the season however since it was still January or February it just felt wrong to bring out spring clothes, but I also struggled with what to wear at all.

But it is looking like all that is over and we are onto a new season! Spring is definitely not my favorite season, it could be my least favorite of them, actually. However, this season I am welcoming in spring with open arms!

Since the past week or so has felt so lovely, I thought I’d share a couple of my recent outfits that will help inspire some springtime looks for the season ahead.

Outfit 1: The Statement Jacket

I wore this outfit for a Sunday spent in downtown Littleton. Littleton is one of my favorite places because it has such a quaint, almost Stars Hollow feeling to it. We spent the afternoon at McKinner’s Pizza with friends and then had a couple of drinks at The Tavern. The weather was quite nice, although a bit too breezy to sit outside.

I wore my favorite pair of slouchy jeans, the “Girlfriend” fit from American Eagle. I got these on sale a couple of months back and I am so happy I was able to snag them! They are great for spring/summer/fall and inside the house during the winter. Being mid-rise, with a semi-loose fit through the legs, and a little cuff near the ankle these pants are perfect for a casual chic look. I’ve found that they can easily be dressed up with a silky top & heels, but also work great for the weekends. I wore them with a simple pair of blue ballet flats.

My top is new from Target! I feel like most of the clothes I wear are either old from my closet or thrifted, so it is always exciting when I wear something brand new. Anyways, this top is so much better by itself because you can see the beautiful cut that the sleeves offer, however it was a little bit too chilly for that and honestly I just was so excited to wear this shirt I didn’t care that maybe it didn’t go together quite well with this whole look.

However, I didn’t care too much that maybe this blouse and jacket combo didn’t quite fit, because I loved how I looked this day. In addition, I am a firm believe that clothes should be worn! Not hanging in your closet waiting to be worn… I decided to top off the look with this cute and unique jacket which I got thrifted a couple months ago. I have been waiting to wear this for months! (I know what I said previously about wearing your clothes, not letting them sit in your closet, which is why I decided to wear both of these pieces)

This jacket is such a unique piece for me. First off, the color isn’t something that I would normally be drawn too. While I love mustard/yellow tones, often times I don’t wear them for myself. Not only does this jacket have a striking color to it, but it also has such a wonderful print and cute details, like the ruffle edge and statement buttons. Needless to say, this jacket will definitely be seeing more wear, just perhaps in a plain white t-shirt, instead of a textured striped blouse.

Outfit 2: Spring Staples

I’m going to preface this by saying I am totally in love with this simple, classic, and chic look. Love, love, love it! I have a fondness for simple looks. Something about them is so French, and do love how the French dress. Some of my greatest fashion influences are French, like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy, Anna Karina, Audrey Tautou, & Brigitte Bardot to name a few.

In addition, I am really am drawn to versatile clothing and this look is so versatile! All I’m wearing is a white blouse, jeans, & nude heels. It’s so simple! The blouse is from the Who What Wear line at Target, however it isn’t new, it’s actually a couple of seasons old. But, since a white blouse is such a classic it will stay in style and remain it’s freshness for seasons to come. Just as long as I don’t spill coffee on it or something!

My jeans are a high-waisted, dark wash skinny jean from American Eagle. I have been really enjoying more mid-rise and high-rise jeans over the past couple of months. I used to only wear high waisted, but kind of got away from it over the last 5 years. However, when I recently bought a whole new set of jeans, nearly every pair I got was high waisted, so I guess my love affair with them will continue.

The nude heels I’m wearing came from DSW on clearance last summer. I think originally they were close to over $70.00, which for me is a lot for shoes, however I was able to get them for around $30.00, I think. I’m so glad I got them, because they are just slightly higher than a kitten heel but aren’t too high, so I can still wear them pretty easily all day long. In addition, I really like the wooden heel, I feel like it adds a little something extra to a generally plain looking shoes.

Something about this look is so effortless & so chic. What I like most about it is that it can work well in so many settings. I wore this to my office Wednesday last week. Our office is fairly casual, so it worked great for a mid-week look. However, in a more formal office, this could easily be a great casual Friday look. In addition, for someone who is a bit dressier this could look great for a day-to-day outfit or be a nice date night out option. If you were to throw on flats instead of heels, the look is still just as stylish but a little more dressed down.

Needless to say, it’s a lovely look for a handful of occasions. I felt very chic, and quite springy in this outfit. Something about it felt fresh. Lastly, What I like most about this outfit, is that most of us probably already own all of these pieces. Nude heels are a staple, a white blouse is a staple, a good pair of dark denim is a staple– put it all together and boom you have the perfect versatile springtime look.

Outfit 3: Feminine & Masculine

I wore this outfit last Friday. The weather was so warm and afternoon showers ended up rolling in. Those days are so wonderful, because it is rare that Colorado sees rain. Coming from the South, where rainstorms are pretty common, I’ve got to say I truly miss those beautiful gloomy days.

I am a huge fan of juxtaposition. Whether it is seen in home decor, some element in the book I’m reading, what I’m writing, found in music, or even in style. I like the idea of piecing two things together that don’t necessarily go together. Contrast, to me, is quite attractive. For this outfit I did a little bit of that!

I matched this super flirty, floral midi dress with a slightly oversized blazer. So far, this blazer has only been worn with jeans or pants, however when I was getting dressed that morning I knew I wanted to wear a dress because it was going to be so nice out, but I also knew that Colorado weather can change on a whim so I better wear something with it. In the past I have worn a denim jacket or a cardigan with this dress, but I wanted to change things up so I grabbed this blazer from the LC Lauren Conrad collection from Kohls and I am so glad that I did!

The blazer is super comfortable, and roomy, which is nice, especially if you don’t want to feel limited in your movements. The material is almost a thin tweed, It’s difficult to explain, but something about it leaves this wonderful texture, while also being quite comfy. I really was digging how the blazer dressed down the feminine elements in this dress. Also, the blazer made it a little more work appropriate, which is always a plus.

Well, those a few springtime looks that I wore last week & wanted to share with everyone! I think it is important to remember that you don’t need to go out and buy all new stuff for each season. As tempting as it is, you can seriously shop your own loset to reinvent what you already have. A pop of color, a bit of floral, a cute sandal, etc. goes a long way.

Cheers & stay chic!