The Little Black Jumpsuit

The Little Black Jumpsuit

You’ve heard the saying that every woman should own a LBD, (little black dress) well I’m here to declare that you should also own a LBJ (little black jumpsuit) as well. And honestly I’m shocked that I am even writing this…

I am going to start off this blog post saying, don’t knock it til you try it. Because, I was adamantly against jumpsuits. I hated them. I thought they were gross. Not cute. Not stylish. Not professional. Not anything. When they hit the scene– what– three years ago, maybe two? I was SO against them.

But then…

A blogger, whom I really admire and trust wore a black JUMPSUIT. And she looked SO CHIC. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. I was thinking… okay, am I being a bit too closed minded when it comes to this trend?

Only days later as I was browsing the sale rack at Target did I notice a black jumpsuit, for $12 dollars. With a little apprehension I went into the dressing room to try on my first ever jumpsuit.

I loved it. Need I say more?

I felt stylish, I felt chic. I honestly felt different wearing it than I have with any other piece of clothing. I don’t even know if I can accurately describe the feeling. It was so comfortable and surprisingly flattering. Everything about it screamed ME. I couldn’t believe that I had always held them in such disregard before.

I happily left the dressing room, went on to purchase my clearance jumpsuit, and was on my way.

I’ve styled two workwear looks that make this jumpsuit professional, stylish, and a bit unique. Take a look!

Outfit #1:

White button down, black jumpsuit, slingback kitten heels.

This entire look was inspired by Komal, the blogger I mentioned earlier. So, I won’t take any credit for how put together and chic this outfit is.

I think we can all agree that this look is such a classic, so sophisticated, and perfect for the office.

It’s so simple.

Just a classic white button down and a black pairing. But the modern twist is that instead of a black pencil skirt or slacks– which we’ve become so accustomed to wearing in the workplace– now it’s a black jumpsuit and suddenly it’s far more than just a basic look.

It’s given a fresh update to the workwear classics, that even though we love, sometimes can feel a bit outdated or boring. That’s the real magic of the jumpsuit, I think.

Jumpsuit- Target
Button down- Costco (who would have guessed?!)
Shoes- Nine West via DSW

Outfit #2:

Black jumpsuit, oversized wrap sweater, kitten heeled loafers.

This is pretty much my favorite outfit that I’ve put together during the fall season. I LOVE IT.

I love how comfy and cozy I am, first and foremost. That is what is so lovely about jumpsuits, or at least the one that I have, they are beyond comfortable. No horrible tight waistbands, the materials are soft, and so forgiving– absolutely delightful!

That added with this mega soft wrap sweater, just makes for the ultimate cozy look. The kitten heeled loafers add a bit of smart chic style, along with my glasses, so I appreciate the vibe that this look gives off.

It’s oversized, understated, polished, and professional.

Jumpsuit- Target
Sweater- Chicwish
Shoes- Adrienne Vittadini via DSW

I already have some ideas swirling around for styling this jumpsuit for more casual/weekend wear, along with some outfits that could work for a date night! Maybe I’ll post those later… we’ll see.

What are your thoughts on jumpsuits? Do you love them like I do now? Have you been hesitate to try the trend, but may be more open? Or, are you totally not interested?

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below.

Cheers & stay chic!