December Dresses: Christmassy Red

December Dresses: Christmassy Red

Merry, Merry Christmas!

What is more fitting than a red dress for Christmas Day!?

To wrap up this festive series, I decided to end with this red lace dress.

Originally, I was going to choose 6 dresses to feature, but it just seems fitting to end on Christmas Day. So I am tossing one of the original dresses aside and this will conclude my December Dresses series.

I bought this dress for a wedding several years back. At the time, this dress was very risqué for me– a bit how I considered my first dress of this series to be.

I have always worn more fit & flair styles or loose fitting clothes. It just happens to be what I am drawn too. So the idea of a more form fitting dress was very out of character. However, when I saw this dress, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

I fell in love with the lace detailing, the midi-length, and how the scalloped neckline was delicate and unique. The bold color also began my love affair with bright red– a color I had never worn prior. Now, I consider red to be my power color.

The dress is primarily lace, along with some lace overlays as well. Lace is such a classy fabric, that tends to radiants elegance. I love the hemline, and scalloped neckline that highlights the lace detailing. In addition, the subtle lace overlays on the body of the dress add more dimension to the piece.

The midi-length is perfect for those who don’t like shorter dresses (like myself). I also feel like with this particular dress, the midi-length makes it more classy. If the dress had been above the knee, along with the bright red color, and all the lace, it could have given off a different vibe.

I think this is the ideal dress for a variety of seasons and occasions.

First and foremost– Christmas. It’s bright red, it’s classy, it’s perfect for any holiday party or Christmas outing.

Secondly– Valentine’s Day, hello?! What is lovely about this dress is that it can be worn for multiple holidays, not just one. Some people prefer pink for Valentine’s Day, but red is just as fitting.

In addition, I wore this dress to a wedding in April, along with some other events in the summer months.

A red lace dress is versatile, festive, and should be added to everyone’s closet for a bold and sexy, yet sophisticated style.

Despite the fact that I purchased this dress years ago, you can still find this exact dress on

Shop the dress:

Chi Chi London Tall lace midi pencil dress: Shop here!

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I hope that everyone has a happy Christmas spent with friends and family! Thank you for following along with my December Dresses series and supporting The Chic Word.

Cheers & stay chic!