Curtain Bangs: For The Girl Who Doesn’t Want Bang Regret

Curtain Bangs: For The Girl Who Doesn’t Want Bang Regret

I have been in the process of growing out my hair for some time now. I cut all my hair off when I was 13 years old and rocked a pixie cut & various forms of bobs/lobs since then. However, over the past couple years I got serious about finally getting some long locks.

However, as anyone who has been struggling to grow out their hair knows, not only does it take a long time (especially if your hair grows unnatural slow, like mine) but it also can get boring. Dying your hair is generally out of the question because you want your hair to be as strong & healthy as possible so it can grow. In addition, while trims are an important part of the process, obviously no new big chops are part of the conversation and trying out lots of different styles is going to be counter productive.

The obvious choice if you are wanting to grow out your hair but also are itching for a new style is bangs.

Bangs are one of those hairstyles that people tend to love or hate. A lot of people also have a very intense love-hate relationship with them. For myself I love the way a heavy straight across bang looks— it’s so cute and has that vintage feel which I am a huge fan of. Not to mention some of my favorite bloggers rock that look and it definitely makes me consider cutting a huge chunk of my hair into a bold bang.

With that begin said, I hate bangs. The reality of bangs for me tends to be not so pretty. I’m not someone who is that great at styling their hair, nor do I put a lot of time/effort into it. What can I say, I’m lazy! If you don’t style them right they look super dorky. You have to keep up with them or otherwise they are in your eyes and annoying. If you work out a lot like I do they get all sweaty and you have to keep them pinned back.

So here I am in a hair rut with all this great hair bang inspiration all over my Instagram and then my solution presented itself.

Cue the curtain bangs!

This style, made popular by Brigitte Bardot is & always will be a classic. These bangs are super versatile by framing your face or tucking behind your ear. In addition, they work well with short cuts, medium lengths, & long locks. Curly hair, straight hair, thick hair, fine hair– whatever! Curtain bangs can be flattering for nearly every woman.

Yesterday afternoon I went in for a haircut and got myself a pair of curtain bangs! I must say, I am loving them. While it is still early to see how these bad boys are going to work out for me, I am quite excited. I got the fresh new do I was looking for, and definitely feel like my look has been altered, but I didn’t lose any length! Not to mention, since curtain bangs are naturally a big longer than traditional bangs I don’t have to worry about them taking forever to grow out if I hate them.

For me, there is something sexy about these eye grazing bangs. I can’t wait to wear a pony tail or bun with a bit of tousled look to it and have some pieces hanging down in front of my eyes and around my face. Something about that just looks & feels so effortless, thus making it sexy!

I titled this post “Curtain Bangs: For The Girl Who Doesn’t Want Bang Regret” want I meant by that is curtain bangs will give you a little banging flare without the negatives that usually come with traditional bangs.

What are you thoughts on curtain bangs? Would you try them?! Let me know in the comments below.

Cheers & stay chic!