Trend: Chunky Turtlenecks

Trend: Chunky Turtlenecks

I adore winter time. Chilly, crisp air, the holiday spirit, hot chocolate, the chance of a snowy Sunday, and the fashion that accompanies it.

Growing up in the South, specifically Birmingham, Alabama I never quite knew what winter could be. It never snowed, minus the few times throughout my 20-year stay, that maybe left a sprinkling on the ground. Alabama gets mildly chilly, due to the humidity but there is nothing magically about it. There are no snow flurries to kiss your face, there is no fresh snow covering the ground, the air doesn’t have the same feel the way it does in a true winter state. In Alabama you maybe had a pair of boots, but honestly they were worn for the look, not for the necessity… I think you are getting my point. Flash forward to 2012 when I moved across the country to the glorious state of Colorado. It was here that I found my home, in Denver.

Colorado has quite possibly the best winter season of them all. With low humidity, but still cold temperatures this rocky mountain state gets lots of snow without all the negative. The sun is nearly always out melting the roads, but leaves the trees, grass, and rooftops covered in snow- beautiful!

Don’t even get me started about all the amazing accessories- scarfs, mittens, and hats- oh my! Which leads me into my topic for the day- chunky turtlenecks. The turtleneck, loved by some, hated by others is one of my favorite winter staples for three reasons:

  1. It can be dressed up or styled down
  2. It never goes out of style
  3. It is comfortable and cozy

Whenever I find a piece that can be dressed up or styled down I immediately fall in love. Who doesn’t love versatility in their wardrobe? The turtleneck, and specifically the chunky turtleneck is just one of those pieces. Dressing up can easily be done with a pair of pencil pants, flares, or a skirt. Don’t forget a pair of heels or heeled booties to complete the look. Dressing down is just as easy matched with slouchy jeans, leggings, or your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Flats, chic sneakers, or rugged boots help bring the outfit together.

Fashion staples are items of clothing that every woman should have in her closet because they are timeless. The turtleneck is just that- timeless. The chunky turtleneck is a classic piece that iconic trendsetters have worn for years from Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin to Diane Keaton and Olivia Palermo. The chunky turtleneck is here to stay, so you better get on board.

Lastly, it is super comfy and cozy- so why wouldn’t you want to wear it? The chunky turtleneck is literally like being hugged by your clothes. If you choose the right material you’ll never wanna take it off.

Today I decided to dress up my one of my chunky turtlenecks with a pair of black pencil pants, wedge booties, and an olive green peacoat. This look is perfect for the beginning of winter because it still has a slight fall feel to it with the pop of olive green. My office tends to be business casual so an outfit like this is perfect and still something comfortable for me to wear during my 8+ hour work day.

What do you think of chunky turtlenecks? Are they part of your winter wardrobe or do you think they are the worst? Let me know in the comments below!

Cheers & stay chic!