Book Review: King & Maxwell

Book Review: King & Maxwell

This week seems weird since we get a holiday right smack dab in the middle! I won’t complain though, because it is summertime & any days off are days appreciated off.

For the month of June I read a book that was gifted to me several Christmases ago but my husband’s father. It is a book that I probably would have never picked up for myself, for a variety of reasons. Despite the fact that there are a lot of things I did not really enjoy about this book, it wasn’t that bad either. I guess 5 our of 10 stars? If I were to give stars… but honestly I don’t like rating stuff like that.

I read King & Maxwell by David Baldacci. If you are familiar, with him, with these kinds of novels, etc. then you probably understand the genre… If you haven’t read anything from Baldacci or know what I am talking about at all, then this is for you–

David Baldacci, as I have learned is a part of a variety of crime beach read authors. He has put out a ton of novels, like well over 20. A lot of his books are part of various series. For example, the book that I read for June was actually the last book of the series. However, his books are set up so you can read them by themselves & can still understand the plot, characters, etc. They are easily digestible, I guess that’s the best way to describe them. Not a lot of big words. Not a lot of big concepts. Just a “juicy” story, “thrilling” plot, & easy read to give you something to do. Was that too harsh? I hope not!

The story follows two former Secret Services agents, Sean King & Michelle Maxwell who now are Private Investigators. They take on a client, high school student, Tyler Wingo who has just learned of his father’s death. He was in the military, some suspicious events unfold, leading King & Maxwell to dive deeper.


-Easy to read
-Kept my interest


-The writing is a bit elementary
-The author tells rather than shows
-The plot/characters were a bit obvious

Would I recommend this book to a friend? Yes, but with caution.

If you are someone who is just looking for a quick & easy read, that will keep your interest then King & Maxwell may be for you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I think for me, I usually read books that are a bit different from this, so I was a little disappointed. I think if you go into it knowing what it is, what function it serves, etc. you will enjoy it. I did enjoy it once I got over my literary pompousness.

I mentioned in my set of “cons” that the author tended to tell rather than show. This is huge! I have taken a couple creative writing courses & in each of my classes I heard my professors say over & over again to make sure to SHOW the reader, not TELL the reader. Now, this is easier said than done, but in my experience good authors do not struggle with this that much. Baldacci likes to TELL, a lot.

Again, if you are someone who wants to not really have to think much about what you are reading & just consume a decent plot with interesting characters, etc. then maybe this is right for you. It is easier reading something when they tell you everything that is happening, why it is happening, who it is happening too… you get my gist.

Another thing that was just a little… I don’t know, had me saying in my head “OF COURSE” is that the two characters have a sexual history together. Like obviously two people who work together who are of opposite sex cannot have a relationships unless they have had sex. I don’t know, just one of those overdone tropes which can sometimes be disappointing. In my minds the characters & their relationship would have been just as interesting, if not more, if they hadn’t slept together… Maybe that’s just me.

Anyways… I have been sitting on this review for over a week & it isn’t as put together as I may have liked, but in all honestly the point of this blog is to pursue a creative hobby & have fun. So here it is. I didn’t LOVE the book, nor did I hate it. It was just okay. I probably won’t be picking up another one of his novels though. And that is okay. It is also okay if you do like his books & continue to read them. That’s it, folks!

Cheers & stay chic!