Black, White, & Red

Black, White, & Red

What’s black, white, & red all over? My outfit of course!

Black, white, & red is such a classic color combo. Something about it feels a little French, a little vintage, a little nautical.

Black is the chicest color there is. Always has been, always will be.
White is classic. It’s easy. It goes with everything.
Red is bold, sexy, & powerful.

Together they make timeless combo that can be worn in so many ways!

I used to shy away from wearing red because of my red hair. I felt like it was too much, or would clash, or just wouldn’t look right. However, over the past year I’ve been challenging my beliefs & have been including red (of all shades) into my wardrobe.

For the office I wore a black mini skirt, polka dot black & white blouse, black tights, black suede booties, & a bright red peacoat.

I found this peacoat a couple weeks ago at a Goodwill I like to frequent every now & then. I’ve been getting back into thrifting the past few months and it’s such fun finding gems like these. This jacket was under $10 and it is super, super cute!

I was definitely feeling a tiny bit like a ladybug in this outfit!

I’ve compiled a few style inspiration pictures of the black, white, & red look…

What do you think of black, white, & red together? Let me know in the comments below!

Cheers & stay chic!