A Year in Review

A Year in Review

Hello, hello!

Today marks one full year that The Chic Word has been running. Can you believe it?! I’ll be honest this year as flown by.

On December 5th of last year I shared my first #ootd (outfit of the day) on Instagram. On December 13th of last year my website thechicword.com, along with my logo was created– Thanks, Tauri Creative! On December 17th of last year I posted my first ever blog post, Trend: Chunky Turtlenecks. So here we are.

Since then I have posted 52 blog posts, 53 if you include this one. I have also engaged a community of over 2,000 followers between Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

I thought it would be fun and informative to take a stroll down memory lane…

Why I started The Chic Word:

1. Wanted to share affordable workwear looks for young women entering the workforce
My co-worker at the time, would almost always comment on my outfits when I walked in the door. She often asked me where I shopped, how I put together looks, asked for advice on interviewing outfits, what to wear to a wedding, etc. It got me thinking. She talked about how she followed lots of fashion bloggers on Instagram, but none of them were dedicated to 9 to 5 looks. She wanted to know what to wear to work, without being boring, or spending a ton of money. That is when I decided to start sharing my office outfits. I realized that I was already dressing up, so why not snap a photo and see what comes.

2. Encourage people to read more
Growing up I loved to read. I read books constantly. However, soon after beginning college I realized that my reading time began to dwindle. After graduation, I picked up a couple books now and then, but often times prioritized other things. I wanted to get back into reading again and I wanted others to as well. Many people I talked too were not reading books. Books are so valuable and reading is such an enriching experience. I decided to combine both my love of fashion and literature, because a well-dressed and well-read woman is a force to be reckoned with.

3. Learn more about social media, blogging, and marketing
I started my blog in December 2017. I knew that in January 2018 I was being promoted at my current company to focus specifically in social media. I wanted to completely immerse myself in social media and thought the best way would be to learn by experience—as a blogger.

Things I’ve learned:

1. Blogging is hard
Blogging has changed so much over the past few years. In addition, there are now more bloggers than ever before. Instagram has become the link for bloggers to reach an audience. Meaning, that maintaining an active and appealing Instagram account is crucial. It simply is not enough to just write up a blog post– Consistent and fresh content is vital. Making sure you are engaging with your followers and remaining an active presence within your community is important. Having a niche, a theme, etc. are all needed. It’s a lot of work, but hopefully it’s worth it.

2. Community is everything
What I never realized before was how much of a community there is not only in blogging, but specifically within Instagram. Prior to beginning The Chic Word, I believed that Instagram was incredibly shallow and fake. Boy, was I wrong. I have been fortunate to find is a community of people who are insightful, creative, kind, and supportive. I have met some incredible women through The Chic Word, from right here in Denver, CO to all the way around the world. I think that has been the best part, honestly. It isn’t just about gaining another new follower, as much as it is about finding someone to connect with, sharing something, and ultimately becoming more inspired because of it. I’ve learned so much from so many incredible woman in the past year. Thank you, thank you, thank you– you know who you are.

3. I’ve learned way more than I’d imagined about social media, blogging, and marketing
The best way to learn really is by doing. I have taken multiple online social media courses, read articles, thought I knew things, etc. But in reality, much of what I thought I knew was wrong. It has only been by me getting my hands dirty (as it were) that I have really be able to grasp the ever-changing world of social media.

Will I continue The Chic Word?

Yes! Even though at times I have questioned…
why I am doing this
does it mean anything
is it worthwhile
does anyone care
what am I bringing to the table

and many other self-doubts… Ultimately I enjoy The Chic Word. I like having this creative outlet to express myself. And as mentioned before, I have learned so much that has helped me in my career. Despite it being challenging at times, I have some big plans for 2019, that I am very excited out!

The Chic Word began one year ago– kind of on a whim– without a real understanding of what it all would entail. But I am so glad that it did! I feel that I have grown as a woman, a fashionista, a marketer, and a reader all because of this little blog.

Thank you so much to all of you! Without you, The Chic Word would not exist. I cannot tell you how much your continued support means to me.

Cheers & stay chic!