A Touch of Katharine Hepburn

A Touch of Katharine Hepburn

If there is one thing I’ve been digging lately it is menswear for women. I find it utterly sexy, comfortable, and versatile. I recently wrote a blog article about one of my style icons, Diane Keaton who rocks menswear inspired fashion quite well. Another lady who has always topped my list would be Katharine Hepburn.

“Katharine Hepburn always stuck to her guns when it came to fashion. At a time when androgynous dressing was unorthodox, she sported menswear-inspired blazers, collared shirts, trousers, and loafers — carving out a style all her own in the Hollywood spotlight.” –Lauren Valenti, Marie Claire Magazine

I recently picked up a few items from SheIn and noticed that I felt a little hint of Katharine Hepburn in my choices. Here’s four different outfits I created from the two items I got, a pair of high waisted plaid trousers & a fuzzy pullover sweater.

My first outfit is perfect for fall or spring, in my opinion. While the colors are little more on the fall side, I am a firm believer in wearing all shades during the whole year. This burnt orange wrap skirt I got thrifted a couple of months back works great for the office or an everyday style. I decided to style it with nude heels and my new white fuzzy pullover sweater. It was a little chilly out that day, but not too bad so this warm sweater definitely did the trick. I half tucked in my sweater to highlight my waist more and added dainty gold jewelry to spruce up the look. Something about this feels a little vintage to me. While this look is definitely not menswear inspired, it is a timeless look and one that Katharine herself could have worn.

My second look features an amazing pair of trousers that if I could wear everyday, I probably would. These pants are a little thicker so I think I will only wear them during late fall, winter, and early spring. Otherwise I fear that I would get too far. They are an amazing plaid, with great neutral colors so the options of tops, shoes, etc. are endless. I decided to go simple and wore a slinky black button down and black kitten heels. This whole outfit is something that I felt very sexy in, and also felt very Katharine Hepburn in. This look is definitely one of my go-to office looks now, and something that I will wear to feel more confident, whether that’s for an important meeting or lunch, or something else.

If it’s a bit chilly out, this look completely gets transformed when you add a long camel coat. Suddenly, this look becomes more sophisticated (not sure how that was even possible!). While the first version of this outfit is great for fall, mild winter days, and spring, when it’s a little colder than we’d all like, adding this coat works perfectly. I really like wearing black with various shades of brown, especially lighter tones. The camel color coat looks sharp against the black, but still matches with the brown hues in the pants. I added a pop of color to liven up the look with my purse, but honestly this outfit stands alone.

Another outfit I wore put both of my purchases together. This look is definitely great for a chilly winter day, because the sweater is quite warm and the pants are as well. I like how the sweater really brightens up the look and added with the nude heels and gold jewelry it definitely brings a more approachable feeling to the outfit. What’s amazing is how comfortable I am as well. This sweater is so soft and snuggly and these pants are a dream! Clothing pieces like this are my favorite because we all want to look put together, but also want to get though the day without feeling uncomfortable. Finding key pieces like this is essential, especially for the office.

The two pieces I got from SheIn are timeless, comfortable, affordable, and versatile. While I am styling them for the office, many of these items can be dressed down for a more everyday look. When looking through my outfits I generally got a vintage, classy feeling that reminded me of the menswear looks that Katharine Hepburn wore.

Cheers & stay chic!