4 Modern Films That Give Major Style Inspiration

4 Modern Films That Give Major Style Inspiration

Today I wanted to share 4 modern films where I have drawn style inspiration from. All these films I remember watching & instantly thinking– I LOVE that! I often find inspiration in books, film, tv, etc. I love seeing what other characters are wearing & how those choices portray more of their personality or story than what they say or do.

There are soooo many stylish films out there & I really had a hard time narrowing it down… So I have decided to break this post into two parts. Part one will be all about more modern films & part two will focus on some more classic films. Also, this is only a handful of films that I have gained inspiration from– like I mentioned before, the amount of fashion/style inspiration from the film industry is endless!

Let’s go!

4 Modern Films:

-The Brothers Bloom (2009)
-Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008)
-Amelie (2001)
-Restless (2011)

The Brothers Bloom

The Brothers Bloom is a mega stylish movie. All of the four main characters have a very distinctive look & are quite fashion forward. With that being said, the character whose style I was really drawn too was Penelope Stamp, played by Rachel Weisz.

Her style in the film is definitely a bit quirky, a bit retro, & a bit classic. Nearly every item she wears throughout the film I found myself thinking– gee, I wish I had that. I am a huge fan of classic pieces that have a little fun flair to them, & Penelope’s character definitely checked those boxes.

I love how she wears these lace up black boots in nearly ever scene. It makes for a very practical footwear choice for both warmth & the ability to move around, etc. In addition, the juxtaposition between the boots & some of her more girly pieces, such as her dresses is quite nice.

What is even more interesting is the fact that many of the clothes she wears, were actually Rachel Weisz’s! Check out this quote where she was interviewed…

CS: What part does fashion play in your life and how did that help you get into the wardrobe you’d have to wear as Penelope?

Weisz: With this wardrobe, a lot of the clothes were mine. I’d say like a third of the clothes, so we did a fitting at my flat, and the boots that my character wears throughout the film, those were my boots. I remember running upstairs and going “These are the boots, these are the boots” and when I put them on, they felt like Penelope. So I kind of mixed in my own vintage, odd pieces. Like the black dress with the white ruffle, I bought that as a student and I just kept it, it was like a ’60s dress, and then Beatrix made a reverse one, which was a white dress with a black ruffle. “She goes from the dark into the light” or something.

Vicky Christina Barcelona

Vicky Christina Barcelona is a film by Woody Allen. Woody Allen tends to have some pretty stylish characters– think Diane Keaton from Annie Hall. I’ll be focusing on Penelope’s Cruz’s character, Maria Elena. Her style aside, she is a very enigmatic character. In many ways her fashion choices both compliment that personality, while also subduing it.

Maria Elena definitely has a more bohemian style & wears a lot of vintage looking pieces. She is seen quite frequently with an oversized leather bag that has a tiger’s face embroidered on it, which is part of her signature look. In addition, she has a black fedora hat that she wears, which also showcases her bold & bohemian style. She oozes a sultry style that feels effortless. Often times she is seen wearing neutrals like black & white. She loves dresses, especially slip dresses or lingerie-esque looking dresses with lots of silk & lace. Her style is sexy & a bit disheveled with her voluminous hair done up like Bardot, has thick eyeliner on that always looks smudged or like she’s been crying. Her clothes tend to be simple, styling herself in a way of less is more– but yet also very unique, & full of confidence.

I have been wanting to wear more hats lately & definitely feel inspired to add a couple to my summer & fall wardrobe.


This is one of my all time favorite films & has been since I saw it many, many years ago!

Amelie’s style is simple, but unique & a bit outdated at times. I absolutely adore how she is mainly seen wearing reds/greens, along with classics like black & white. Her accessories & signature hairstyle make Amelie a style icon for a number of reasons. I love how her character has a lot of classic french girl pieces, but still makes them her own. The polka dots & simple basics are definitely timeless, yet her twists on them makes it fresh.

This quote does a great job of describing the fashion choices in the film:

“Likewise, costume designers Madeline Fontaine and Emma Lebail kept Amélie’s wardrobe simple yet saturated in those signature colors. Miss Poulain’s uniform consists of below-the-knee skirts, skinny knits, cardigans, and a pair of Dr. Martens oxfords with rolled down socks (better for running all over Paris plotting adventures). Much of her look reads very secondhand, especially the just-too-big coats, one of which features pearl trim that Amélie could have sewn on herself. When she goes incognito in cat’s eye sunglasses and head scarf, the Audrey Hepburn vibes are unmistakable. Fontaine and Lebail stick with small scale prints — ditsy florals and polka dots — for the ladies of Café des 2 Moulins. Texture, though, is everywhere on the interiors, especially in Amélie’s apartment. Draped in bordello red velvet and decorated with mismatched lamps, antique furniture, piles of pillows, and prints by artist Michael Sowa, it’s part Moulin Rouge, part fairy tale, and everything you’d dream a fake Parisian flat would be.” — The Fashion Follower


Restless is a film by Gus Van Sant, which stars Mia Wasikowska & Henry Hopper. Mia’s character, Annabell Cotton is super cute throughout the whole film. First, she is rocking a super short pixie cut that in its own right is very fashionable. That added with the fact her character wears little to no makeup, also makes a bit of a statement. She is natural, striking, & then also has a unique style.

I know it is still summer, but I have been dreaming of fall lately… This movie provides so much cool weather inspiration! Annabell has the dreamiest collection of coats & sweaters, with cute little touches like a fur collar, thick ribbon, or broach. Her style is a bit vintage, a bit fancy, & super cool for a high schooler. I absolutely love how feminine her looks are, while also being very different. That added with her boyish hairstyle & fresh face, make her super stylish.

Restless & The Brothers Bloom to me had similar styles in the fact that many pieces were classics with a bit of a twist, however I find the style in Restless to be a bit more bold in terms of flair.

I hope that y’all enjoyed this post! It was fun to write & I definitely feel more inspired as we head into a new season. What are some films that have inspired you style wise?

Cheers & stay chic!