3 Shoes To Wear To Work That Aren’t Heels

3 Shoes To Wear To Work That Aren’t Heels

Today’s blog post is all about shoes! Carrie Bradshaw would be proud.

For all the ladies who spend most of their day at the office, I put together a little list of shoes to wear to work that aren’t heels. I don’t know about y’all, but despite the fact that I ADORE my heels, would love to wear them every day, etc. I do find that my feet need a break every now & then & heels are not always so practical. With that being said, remaining professional & stylish is high on my list.

I’ve compiled 3 styles of shoes that to me provide a worthy opponent to the standard work heel.

1. First up, FLATS!

Naturally I had to put flats on my list, this is probably the most obvious choice for those looking to forgo heels to the office. However, not all flats will give you the same look. I believe that if you want to wear flats to work, make sure they are professional looking.

I opt for a pointy toe flat, as to me the sharp edges provide a more sophisticated look than the traditional round toe, that is often seen in ballet flats.

Another option would be to have some sort of detailing on the toe of your flat. I am a fan of bows, but embellishments can work as well. You just want to make sure that they don’t look cheap or childish.

2. Second on my list would be OXFORDS.

I am currently in the process of getting my hands on a good pair of oxfords, so any recommendations, please send them my way!

Ever since I binged watched Marcella on Netflix, I’ve been NEEDING a pair of oxfords. The show is really good, if you are interested in a new series, but the style of the main character, Marcella, really inspired me.

She’s often seen in looser fitting pencil pants, oxfords, a button down, & sweater on top. It’s her uniform & it works so well. Not only is she comfortable/warm (oxfords cover the toes, long sleeves/sweaters cover the core), but it’s also professional—enough. At least for her job & mine alike. In addition, it’s just the right amount of masculine that I’m drawn too.

Oxfords are pretty much the most professional shoe you can wear in the business world for men, so it just makes sense that they would work well for women too. You can find them in a variety of colors & textures to spice things up over the traditional brown or black pair.

3. Lastly, similar to oxfords, would be a pair of LOAFERS

Loafers & slip ons have become really popular this year. I like the more traditional loafer, because for me I really want a back to my shoe. I can’t stand flip flops & feel more secure & stable when I have my foot totally covered.

Similar to the oxford, you can find loafers in a variety of styles. Some have the metal detailing or buckles on the front. Others have tassels, which is a more masculine look, in my opinion. Or loafers can have nothing at all.

Loafers do make a great alternative to heels, especially if you have a smart looking pair in a leather material. Do note that there are A LOT of more casual looking loafer styles, so making sure you have one that is more professional & sleek is important.

Well, there you have it! Obviously, I won’t be tossing my heels out anytime soon, but it is good to have some flat options when it comes to work.

What do you think about these choices for the office? Let me know in the comments below!

Cheers & stay chic!