3 Fears I Have About Working From Home

3 Fears I Have About Working From Home

Hi y’all!

First, I guess I better share some news– Beginning in mid-June I will no longer be at the office from 9-5 (although, my actually work hours were 7:30-4:30… but that’s beside the point). I will be working strictly from home & while I am VERY excited about it, I also have some fears. I figured it would be good to lay them out prior to the switch and then circle back in a month or so.

Fear #1:

Will I actually get any work done?

Working from home sounds really appealing… I can sleep in if I want, wear my pjs, work where ever I want, as long as their is wi-fi (home, coffee shop, outdoors). But will I actually get anything done or will I be too distracted with all the other things going on in my life? Working in a designated office space with other employees definitely forces you to, well… work! While I am a very motivated person & love my job, I wonder if some days I might let some work slide because there is no one but myself really to keep me accountable.

Fear #2:

Will I be too lonely?

Despite the fact that I am an introvert I really value the social aspect of working in an office. I enjoy chatting while grabbing coffee, bouncing ideas off each other, leaning on a fellow co worker for a mini vent sesh, etc. I tend to not have a very large friend group & I’m one who doesn’t text much. Usually not doing things with people afterwork or on the weekends if fine for me, because I am getting some social time in during the week at work. However, being home all by myself with no one to talk too is going to be hard! & I’m really afraid that I will be waaaay too lonely.

Fear #3:

Will I grow & learn more about my industry?

This one is huge! I am still learning so, so much everyday & have so much still to learn. I fear that being isolated might potentially hold me back. What if they stop relying on me as much because I am not in the office, what if an opportunity for learning or mentoring comes along but I get passed up/missed it. Just in general I think working around others promotes learning, growth, & opportunities, so I am a little nervous about that. However, just an opportunity for me to push harder to make these things available to me.

I plan on following up about a month, maybe two after my transition to see how my work life is going & hopefully share some tips on how I’ve overcome/coped with my fears!

Stay tuned for that… If anyone currently works from home or has in the past, please comment below with any tips or advice on how you dealt with the move from working in an office to working completely alone.

Cheers & stay chic!